Federation of wrestling
Smolensk region

Charter of the Federation

By the decision of the General Meeting of Founders
(Minutes No. 1/2013 of October 15, 2013).

Smolensk regional public organization
"Federation of wrestling"

1. General Provisions.
1.1 Smolensk regional public organization Federation of Wrestling, hereinafter referred to as the Federation, is a public association based on the membership of citizens, legal entities - public associations, established on the basis of a community of interests for the joint implementation of the purposes of this Charter in the territory of the Smolensk region.
1.2 Full name: Smolensk Regional Public Organization Federation of Wrestling. The abbreviated name is JLLC "Federation of Wrestling".
1.3 Territorial sphere of the Federation: Smolensk region.
1.4 Location of the permanent governing body - the Management Board: Russian Federation, Smolensk.
1.5 The Federation acquires the rights of a legal entity from the moment of its state registration in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
1.6 The activities of the Federation are based on the principles of voluntariness, equality, self-government and legality. The Federation is free to determine its internal structure, goals, forms and methods of its activities.
1.7 The Federation carries out its activities within the framework of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Federal Law "On Non-Commercial Organizations", the Federal Law "On Public Associations", the Federal Law "On Physical Culture and Sport in the Russian Federation", other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation , this Charter, as well as generally recognized international norms, regulations and standards.
1.8. Any individuals and legal entities may participate in the activities of the Federation either by making voluntary donations, granting property for gratuitous use, or by providing organizational, labor and other assistance to the Federation in carrying out its statutory activities.
1.9 The activities of the Federation should be public, and information on constituent and program documents - publicly available.
1.10 The term of the Federation is unlimited.