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Match meeting of teams of Smolensk and the USA in freestyle wrestling
12 June, 2018

In Smolensk on June 12, an international match "Fight without Borders" was held in the free and women's wrestling, in which the youth teams of the Smolensk region and the US team met. In the American team, the participants included the guys from their three states: Ohio, Michigan and Oregon.

Team USA in freestyle wrestling

The meeting took place in the center of Smolensk, on the street, against the backdrop of the fortress wall in the park, and anyone could see the fights. What was happening on the carpet was commented on by Felix Premilsky, whose voice is known to all fight fans. He started his career as a broadcaster at the 1980 Olympics. Since then, without his vivid memorable comments, not a single tournament can do. For his work as a news anchor Felix Grigorievich has repeatedly received high awards, including he is the owner of the gold and bronze order FILA.

It started for Smolyan all rather hard - in three starting matches, the victory on the "carcass" won the representatives of America, after which the fair sex won two wins. Distinguished pupils Smolensk school of struggle Karina Pitetska, who won a clean technical victory at the very beginning of the fight and Anna Chirikova.

"I really enjoyed the competitions, because I'm fighting for the first time in the open air, in front of such a large number of public - both wrestler and casual spectator, who walked by chance in the park. Usually competitions take place in a hall, and spectators - sportsmen. This is a very interesting experience, "- said Karina Pitetska.

"Our athletes, as a rule, are distinguished by high fighting technique. But, apparently, there was not enough preparation. Nevertheless, the meeting of representatives of two wrestling powers - Russia and America - is always interesting, and the organization of the event was highly appreciated by both Russian and foreign guests, "said Felix Premilsky, competition commentator, Honored coach of the USSR.

The decisive was the last duel, in which the heavyweight fighters came together, where a strong-willed victory was won by a local athlete. The friendship won - the final score of the match match - 3: 3. Participants of the meeting were awarded commemorative diplomas, official shirts of the Russian Olympic team, Smolensk souvenirs.

"Holding a match meeting" Team of the Smolensk region - Team USA "has become a good tradition," said Oleg Marienkov, President of the Wrestling Federation of the Smolensk region. - For several years the meeting took place in the wrestling hall, but in the last two years we have been holding it in the center of Smolensk, in the park, against the background of the fortress wall, which was a real gift for the residents of our city. I express my gratitude to Sergey Kitaev, making a wrestling tour, he does not forget about Russia, he calls on us in Smolensk. For the match, the Americans were preparing at the Moscow School of Olympic Reserve No. 1 from our famous fighter, Olympic champion-2000 David Musulbes. The final stage of preparation was held in Smolensk. We are very happy about the visit of the Americans to us and will contribute to the development of our relations. "


Technical results
Match meeting of teams of the United States and Smolensk. Smolensk. 12 June

Freestyle wrestling
Ivan Zuikov (Smolensk) - Nicholas Ivgy (USA) - 8:12 (carcass)
Daler Aliakbarov (Smolensk) - Lukas Higgibotman (USA) - 2:12 (carcass)
Andrei Grek (Smolensk) - Aaron Marton (USA) - 0:13
Vladislav Egorov (Smolensk) - Alvaro Venegas-Gonzale (USA) - 9: 6

Women's wrestling
Anna Chirikova (Smolensk) - Morris Sheina (USA) - 8: 2
Karina Pitetska (Smolensk) - Lillian Ferrel (USA) - 10: 0