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Kaspiisk 2018. Gold classics!
15 June, 2018

Comparative analysis of the content of the structure of technical and tactical actions (TTD) of the wrestlers of the Russian national team, the winners of the European Championship in 2018 in Kaspiisk showed that in the arsenal of the TTD of our collections there are both general characteristics and significant differences.

A number of athletes show increased activity when fighting in the stalls, but less diverse in the choice of attacking actions in the rack. At the same time, a number of athletes demonstrate high reliability of attacking actions in the rack, while having low values of reliability in the stalls.

To analyze the content of the structure of technical and tactical actions, we analyzed fights of the winners of the European Championship in the Russian national team Sergey Emelin (up to 60 kg), Artem Surkov (67 kg), Adam Kurak (72 kg) and Roman Vlasov (77 kg). Arsenal of technical and tactical actions of Russian national team athletes at the European Championship 2018 is presented in the table ..



A detailed analysis of the structure of TTD athletes shows that among the winners there are significant differences in the arsenal of technical actions (TD). For example, Roman Vlasov has a 100% implementation of the possibility of scoring in the stalls, out of 4 attempts all 4 were effective, scored 12 points with two 4-point rolls.

Roman Vlasov

At the same time, Adam Kurak shows the lowest result in the number of TDs in the stalls (2), while having the highest number of TDs in the rack (10). In the arsenal of the athlete there are - a roll deflection, translations jerk for one hand, stalling and getting out with a rival for the carpet. Analyzing the content of TD fighter, it is necessary to note a pronounced bias toward the struggle in the rack. In the stalls with seven attempts to hold TD, only one was effective.

All this characterizes Adam as a fighter who prefers to act tactically correctly, attack only by translating an opponent into the ground, avoiding unnecessary risk.

Adam Kurak

The most balanced structure of the TTD was revealed by Artyom Surkov. Arsenal of his TD has three effective actions in the rack and four in the stalls. In general, the analysis of the TTD athlete's content indicates that the wrestler is adapted to the new rules of combat, can effectively attack, both in the stance and in the stalls.

Artem Surkov

Analysis of the content of the structure of TTD Sergei Emelin, shows that the tactics of conducting a duel in many respects coincides with the data obtained when studying the structure of TTD Roman Vlasov. Here, we can note a large number of completed TDs (10) in the stalls and the average indicators for the number of TDs in the rack (3).

It can be said with certainty that both wrestlers are united by a confident and tactically competent wrestling in a rack with an extremely reliable implementation of the opportunities for scoring in the stalls.

Summarizing the analysis, we can conclude that in today's Greco-Roman struggle there is a real opportunity to choose effective tactics and technical and tactical actions, depending on the capabilities of the fighter and specific situations in the duel, which are very important components in the structure of athletes' competitive activity.

We must talk about the presence of a significant specificity of individual characteristics in the structure of competitive activity of wrestlers, with the same sporting result. Where victories can be achieved either through rational tactics of fights, or high activity, or extremely high performance TTD.

Author - Evgeny Bavykin